RAIL EUROPE | Know the best way to get to know Europe by train | 2019
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How to get to know the best cities in Europe by train

First of all we must plan our trip to make it more pleasant and easy when it comes to knowing if we should go by bus, train or car and save money on the journey. There is a website called RAIL EUROPE and if you want to travel by train to various European countries, I recommend it 100%! It is the best way to buy tickets from different European train companies, and the best You can still see it in your language, in your currency, you can buy it online, its platform is super easy and very fast to buy your train tickets. RAIL EUROPE has an online booking engine, easy to use and also offers award-winning local attention and assistance. Offering support before, during and after the trip. Here we do a review of RAIL EUROPE.

RAIL EUROPE is dedicated to helping travelers find their own way guiding and offering inspiration and tools to travel by train in Europe.

Proud of the European heritage of your company and sharing experience and knowledge to provide travelers with an authentic European experience.

The spirit of train travel consists of enjoying simple pleasures, respecting the environment and connecting with people, places and cultures. It is the ease with which Rail Europe unites them which creates a rewarding experience for both our customers and ourselves.

What products does RAIL EUROPE offer?

Rail Europe offers the widest selection of European rail products, from train passes to train tickets, as well as reservations and travel packages. Passes are the ideal option to explore Europe at your own pace. Passes, simple and flexible, offer more freedom and extensive travel in selected countries.

Rail Europe offers everything from the iconic Eurail Global Pass that allows travelers to discover up to 28 different countries, to a wide variety of train passes that cover a single country or 2,3,4 adjacent countries for those wishing to focus on countries specific. To travel between several European cities, train tickets are ideal and offer excellent value for money. A reservation (mandatory and included in some trains) will guarantee an onboard seat in your selected class of service.

Rail Europe offers money-saving rates (for young people, seniors, groups), when available, for trains that include TGV, Eurostar, Thalys and ICE. Sleep comfortably and enjoy the experience of the night train trip. Traveling on a night train saves you time and money. On board you will find a variety of sleeping carriages, including carriages for women only, restaurants and, of course, bathrooms. Arrive fresh and ready to start the day!

Unparalleled service: Rail Europe strives to offer the best service to its customers, from travel planning with useful information and innovative tools, to unparalleled after-sales service. Rail Europe offers the convenience and ability to book in local languages ​​and use the local currency to buy train passes, tickets and more. Booking in advance guarantees delivery before leaving for Europe, all to avoid long waiting times at European stations and confusion about currency and language differences.

Strategic partners throughout Europe

In addition to the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB / CFF) and the French National Railways (SNCF), our railway partners include Eurail GIE, Eurostar, Thalys, Lyria, City Night Line, ACP (BritRail), SVI, VIA Rail, JR and the national railways of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United States. Rail Europe also works closely with Railteam, the European alliance of high-speed hauliers.

The promotion of Europe by rail is also promoting Europe Since its inception, Rail Europe has established close alliances with the national tourism boards of European countries. The main partners of Rail Europe include Atout France, Switzerland Tourism, Visit Britain, ENIT (Italy), DZT (Germany), etc.

Rail Europe, active all over the world, not only operates consumer websites, but also acts as a resource and provider for the travel industry, offering customers the possibility to book as they wish, directly online or through their travel agent. The GSA and travel agencies accredited by Rail Europe are true professionals; experts in railway reservations, and recognized for their know-how and quality of service.

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