Las Vegas | Tips for avoiding lines at popular vegas attractions 2019
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Las Vegas is a 24-hour city, meaning that at any time of day (or night), you can easily find people meandering around this popular desert getaway. Unfortunately, this often times also applies to the long lines at many of the city’s most famous sights. But the last thing we want you to do during your next trip to Sin City is wait in long lines to enjoy the action of the city, so we’ve compiled the top 10 tips for avoiding lines, from picking the right time of day and time of year to visit to buying tickets online before you arrive.

1. Buy tickets online before you visit

The most effective way to avoid a wait is to buy tickets online before you arrive. Not only will you arrive at the sight and bypass those waiting in, but you will guarantee yourself entry, no matter what time you go. How long in advance should you purchase tickets? It never hurts to get tickets a month or more in advance, but plan to buy at least 1-2 weeks before your visit. 

2. The time of year matters too

Believe it or not, the busiest time for Las Vegas is January through April, when temperatures are cooler and some of the largest conventions in the country hold their annual gatherings in Sin City. Expect larger crowds, and therefore longer wait times, during this time, especially during March and April when the weather gets a little warmer. Year-round, however, you can expect Sin City to pick up each and every weekend, as this city is a popular weekend destination for travelers. To avoid lines in general all year long, it is best to pick a weekday, a day in the middle of summer or any time right before or after a major holiday.

3. Learn to navigate the buffets 

If you know anything about Vegas, it’s this: the mornings are a lot quieter than the nights. If you’re so inclined to eat a delicious buffet, get up and hit it in the early morning hours. Any other time of day, it’s best to have a reservation, or you will easily find yourself waiting over an hour just to get to a table. Staying at a hotel with a buffet doesn’t even guarantee you any advance access, so it’s best to scope out the places you want to hit and plan ahead! 

4. Don’t wait at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign

Everyone wants a picture at the infamous Welcome to Las Vegas sign – but the thing is, so many people want it that often times you can find a massive line forming. This isn’t an attraction with an end-of-the-line access point, therefore just step to the side and find some room where you can see the sign in the background. Trust us, the selfie will look just as good! 

5. Learn how to get into clubs 

There are many clubs in Vegas, and it’s easy to spot them – just look for the long lines that form each and every night and chances are, there’s a club nearby. But how do you avoid the line to get in? While it may seem petty, club owners look for those who are dressed to impress. If you’re with a group of people, have more women than men in your group. And finally, pay attention to club promoters on the street or online (they are easy to find on social media), as they offer VIP access and guaranteed entry into many of Sin City’s hot spots.

6. Best times of day to hit the attractions

No matter what the attraction, the best time of day to hit Las Vegas attractions is early morning or early evening. Avoid the brunch and early afternoon crowds, and stay far away from anything that forms crowds as the evening wears on, as that is when Sin City is at its busiest.

7. The weather matters

Why does the weather matter when it comes to long lines? First and foremost, it’s good to know ahead of time what you will be dealing with and what kinds of attractions you will be visiting. For example, from November through February, expect average highs in the 60s, while lows can reach down into the upper 30s, so your outdoor attractions may have shorter wait times as a result, particularly at night. March and April warm up to the mid-70s/low 80s (same for October), while May and September see highs in the 90s, paving a path for outdoor activities to be at its peak. From June until August, the temps can get well into the 100s, with highs even getting as high as 110! You won’t want to be outside for long during those months either, so expect the lines for indoor attractions to be flooded with visitors.

8. Purchase a multi-attraction pass

Multi-attraction passes are well worth it if you plan to see at least three or more sights during your stay. You’ll save money, yes, but perhaps just as importantly, you’ll save time, which is precious on vacation. The Vegas Explorer Pass, for example, allows guests to get a combined ticket for anywhere from three to five Vegas attractions, while the Las Vegas Power Pass grants guests access to over 50 of the most popular sights, tours, rides and more while saving over $500 in admissions fees on tickets and discounts.

9. Book a tour

Tours are an easy way in Las Vegas to bypass lines. When you book through a tour company, they give you front-of-the-line access to your final destination, which is especially helpful if you’re booking a trip to one of the local natural wonders such as the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon. Massive lines can form at these and other sites, but part of what you’re paying for with a tour is the convenience factor of having them take care of that for you!

10. Arrive early to your show

The shows in Vegas have many ways in which you can purchase tickets, so before each performance, it’s not uncommon to see a very large line form at will call as people pick up their tickets. We advise going out of your way to pick them up well ahead of time, or arriving at least an hour prior to your show to get your tickets. The last thing you want to do is pay money for a good show and then be late arriving to your seat because of a long line outside!